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We come from retail, helping merchants understand and embrace their gift card opportunities. We can act as a complete outsourced gift card department or manage a piece of the process.

We empower everyday gift card heroes.


Internal Support and Understanding

Explaining the benefits of gift cards internally is critical to program success. We can help frame up the opportunities, sales channels, and help explain how everything works so that you get the support, investment, and resources to maximize gift card potential.


Marketing and Product Development

Card design and marketing messages can be the difference between a moderate program and a fantastic one. Our consulting team can work with your internal or chosen media team to help create gift card designs that sell, and marketing taglines, signage, and promotions that drive gift card success.


Sales Channel: Online

Treating gift card as a product, and marketing gift card effectively is key in driving sales and awareness online. Digital technology continues to evolve, and brand new opportunities allow gift cards to be leveraged in a whole new way. We bring information and the ability to build and execution new programs focused on maximizing the gift card online sales both digitally and physically.


Sales Channel: In Store/On Location

Field Employees are on the front line, and can be the most valuable asset or the worst liability. Proper training, inspiring, educating, and creating incentives for the management and field employees is key to gift card success. We can identify the reasons they care and build programs to maximize your in-store potential.


Sales Channel: B2B

The part of a gift card program with the least investment for the greatest return, B2B includes hooking up with digital distributors to directly activate cards, placing cards into credit, consumer branded, and incentive loyalty programs, and becoming part of employee and sales incentive programs. We can actively take cards to source to these distribution contacts and increase your card distribution to brand new channels, with specific, closed wallets of funds. We can also help train or guide your internal team to sell directly if desired.


Third Party

The highest visibility in the gift card marketplace, third party is a great place to be. The most expensive of distribution opportunities, we advise our clients on the partnerships they create and help craft the marketing, distribution, and placement strategies for those partners.


Powerhouse Brands does gift card media from beginning to end. We can make your job easier by generating concepts and incorporating feedback into a comprehensive design or video deliverable that we manage completely.

We'll help identify the audience, create the marketing message, and execute the design, animation and deliver a final product.



From marketing signage to card designs and internal memos. Our design department can help create emotional connection to gift cards and brands.



Nothing says it better than video. Our video service team can bring excitement to any subject utilizing animation or live video.

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Consulting & Media Clients

We specialize in working with the folks from the gift card industry. We love the gift card product, and focus on it daily, both in consulting and design. Here are some of the comments from our clients and people we work closely with:

Consulting & Media Clients


"Thanks to the responsiveness and immediate attention Powerhouse Brands was able to give my project, the results were available when I needed them and in a design format that helped push the objective of the project forward. Having the flexibility to leverage their resources when I need them and knowing their experienced team understands how gift cards work, give me an option when resources and time are limited."

Consulting & Media Clients

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"Powerhouse Brands is a positive force in the gift card industry. They know their stuff and put it into action in media and consulting."

Consulting & Media Clients


"Powerhouse Brands worked with us to develop video content for our gift card product overview video. Their vision and ability to generate unique concepts made the process completely seamless. Not only was the ideation stage of the video creation process extremely easy, the final product was exactly what we were looking for!"

Consulting & Media Clients


"We've worked with Matt Davies for many years, first when he was our client at Nike and now as a valued partner as Powerhouse Brands Consulting. In addition to his industry experience, he also understands our technology from the perspective of a user. He is great to work with and a fantastic facilitator, bringing together merchants and suppliers."

Consulting & Media Clients


"The Powerhouse Brands team is fantastic. They're knowledgeable and I appreciate their thoughtful approach. I really enjoy working with their team."


New website launched

November 1, 2013

Kicking off the new site for Powerhouse Brands.

- Dr. Gift Card